Cloud formations and tone(project2 Landscape)

For this exercise I am going to attempt to depict cloud formations. Well in my opinion it is a big challenge to experiment with the movements and imagery also it is practical thing that very hard to catch them.

The aim of this exercise I try to find ways for:

  • The characters of clouds:
  • Changing fast by weather conditions.
  • Movement and some effects are fleeting.
  • Soft and blur edges and volume shapes.
  • Filters through the gap.

Attempt 1:

I used 6B pencil, paper stump and putty eraser on a A4 sketchbook to practice the sunny day cloud formations.

I don’t think this is a successful work for drawing clouds because there are not clearly patches and fusion groups in the sky also I can’t see the weather.

When I was talking photo for it I was facing the other way and it is better in some places so then I turned it around.  I saw the lower half  like some waves of sea in this image.

As the English weather I supposed to do on a sunny day but when I got the time out for sketch it is raining a lot today. The clouds are moving and fast changing so I have to prepare my camera.

Attempt 2:

I have traced the cloud formations on an A4 sketchbook by charcoal.





Look at these two, top one from photography and bottom one is from scanner.  They are strange to me. The filters through the gaps were not right. I have built up the lighter and darker tone by circle strokes, rub by fingers and eraser but the patches’ fusion and combination are not right. They look more like smoke.

Attempt 3:

This time I depicted two proofs of buildings under these cloud formations.

I can think about they are dark day with heavy clouds it maybe the building underneath but I don’t think this is very bad composition. These patches need draw more 3D feeling with volume shapes. I could create a better result and would give the composition more depth in the space.

Then I do need some research and improve the technique of drawing clouds. This sky looks a bit dark and miserable.

Attempt 4:

I used the blue watercolour to do the basic background then use clear brush to highlight the patches. Finally I used the conte stick to build up the volume shapes but they are still feeling flat, I may need more practice.

I think this one is better than the last two images it maybe it is sunny day. Do the patches have movement feeling? They are moving a little bit but the clouds look flat.

Attempt 4:

I used a blue basic paper then soaked the white tissue and stick them on the blue sky. At last used the brush with the blue ink to scribble the clouds’ shadows.

They are 3D feeling but some blue strokes look strange and not much associated.


It is very hard to control these conditions. I was thinking do the watercolour is the best way for painting the clouds because the clouds are made of moisture? Well the last one I can feel they are moisture too.

I haven’t got all the good points in one attempt and everyone has its merit and demerit and I definitely will practice more on my daily sketchbook.

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