360° studies(Project2 Landscape)

I am standing on the hill which is on the Stocksbridge bypass in Sheffield.

Facing to north: I can see the cottages, wall, farm, hill and the sky.

I used felt tips to draw the objects and the conte sticks for the grass and sky.

Facing to west: Its an expansive farm scenes. I used conte sticks to draw the basic then the felt tips for the object.

Facing to south: I used conte stick to draw the basic foreground(the grass farm), middle ground(the bypass) and background(the factory and the village).

Facing to east: I used conte stick to draw the basic foreground, middle ground and background.

The biggest sheep shouldn’t have that long legs so it looks like a horse.

These are the 4 directions of a view from a hill in Stocksbridge. When I got in home I use photoshop to put these 4 pieces in a panorama.

I may not get much time to improve this panorama drawing. To give them similar borders of sky and the hill tops and continue with the farm scene.


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