Developing my studies(Project3 Composition)

I was in China for a long time visiting my family so I had to bring my drawing work with me. For this exercise I need to review my preparatory drawing from project 2 but I attend a local art studio’s lessons.

First lesson I went outside to a place called Donggang Dalian for a sketch walk with this group and also we have got a couple of mentors with us.

By the way the left top one is one of the mentors who is Mr. Liu.

I have to admit that I was in a bit of a rush to choose my objects even after I looked around for a while.

I started off with my charcoal composition on my A5 sketchbook.

Well this is rough drawing and it just helps me to understand the building’s features.

Then I started with a sketchbook which is a little bit smaller than A3. This time I used B6 pencil.

One of the mentors did give me a correction point that I was too close to the building that it is not good for the perspective.

Well I have lost the first time to get right viewpoint which is the city above water. I didn’t arrange any water/lake which is the character of this town.

Now I have to carry on it and I don’t have enough time to finish because I draw very slowly.

Before everybody finish their compositions mine is as below.

After I got home I used ink and pen to finish with my picture.

I have to finish at here and some points I have learnt and I need to avoid in later attempts.

  1. My skills are no great for drawing the perspective.
  2. Scale/Framing the objects wrong, coming out of the paper.
  3. Need to improve stoke.
  4. No idea for the background and no way to add anything behind.


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