Research point-Contemporary landscape artist(Project landscape)

Through this lesson I am going to learn the contemporary artists who work with a range of viewpoints on landscape.

Tacita Dean’s landscape series

Tacita Dean-1

As I  moved to Sheffield a few years ago,  but I have heard some stories before I get there. Sheffield is a steel and manufacturing city and this and the elements are getting in my mind.

Tacita Dean-2

This black and white image is actually convey snow-capped peaks of the mountain and its strongly emphasized atmosphere. The mountain’s feature is so beautiful.

Tacita Dean-3

Tacita Dean-4

Look at those two beautiful features. How much attention from the artist.

Tacita Dean-5

Georges-Pierre Seurat (2 December 1859 – 29 March 1891) was a French post-Impressionist painter and draftsman.


I do like Seurat’s style of trees, grass and the water in the river. He used the post-impressionist style to convey this scenery.


It looks only a couple of simply trees and even without any leaves in there but Seurat used vivid colours to impress a couple of tree-trunks.

Kate Downie

Kate Downie-1

Kate Downie-2

Kate Downie-3

Kate Downie-4

Kate Downie-5

Her compositions have very clear foreground, middle ground and background. For the background  she draws the sky and mountain wonderfully. My favorites are the first one the bridge is getting in the background in the air and the last one she draws the sky.

Peter Lanyon

Peter Lanyon-1-coast

Peter Lanyon-2

Peter Lanyon-3

As I am still an art student and I am still learning the basic skills but I am very interesting and curious about the abstract painting. In the first and second one  Lanyon has drawn the coasts. The first one he used mostly blue and in second one he used multi colours from purple, green, white and red. What has he seen and thought when he was working on them? How many works has he done about the title of coasts? What does he want to convey about the main elements, water/wave or the things around on the coasts?

Why his storm drawing used bright blue? Why not like other artist use dark colours? Black, dark grey or some else dark?

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