Aerial or atmospheric perspective(Project perspective)

For aerial perspective, the tutor in the studio told me I can use the three-point perspective.

Three-point perspective

There are some high buildings in China where I can climb on 20th floor but I better not go in when I am a stranger. So for practice this exercise I got a picture from website


Then I start to plot the basic elements on my A5 sketchbook by 10B pencil.


At last to finish the final piece.



I do understand what this exercise for. For practice this one I have to tell myself I am in the sky and far away from the ground.

But I made some mistakes:

  1. The first group building down the left hand corner where it is sticking out is much bigger than it is. Contrast with the higher section which is behind it, I got the wrong perspective for them.
  2. The end of the first building ground on the right side which is the bulging needs to improve perspective and 3 dimension.
  3. The above sections on the back building group they are not 3 dimension.

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