Foreground, middle ground, background(Project landscape)

I am referring back to the last time I was outdoor drawing at Dalian Dong Gang where the town landscape copied Venice in Italy. Last time I lost the chance to draw the river and the boat so this time I am going to practice these elements.

I used A3 white cartridge paper and B10, B12 pencils for this exercise.

First step to draft where the foreground in red line, middle ground in purple and background in blue(sky).


Then second step to finish the final piece.



  1. I should leave more space for the sky where is background.
  2. It may to empty of the left side above of river.
  3. The perspective of the buildings are not really correct. I need more practice.
  4. I could give more tone for the buildings.

I will try to spend more time for sketching outside and wear warm and improve my use of perspective.

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