Research point-Urban environment art&artist(Project townscapes)

For learning about the contemporary artist John Virtue before I start townscape.  As I am in China at the moment I have copied some research works about this artist into my computer so I am able to review them while I am working on this project.

Like the Chinese ink painting which are black and white colours around me. Virtue´s paintings are monochrome. So then I can compare these two kinds of ways of landscape art.

I found 4 works of Virtue which I like a lot.

The work of John Virtue are swapping between abstraction and figuration. His work is a permanent present participle of storming creativity. His work fills out of the framing and composition.


Another landscape artist I am looking at is Adrian Homersham. I like his works.

His works are expansive and with momentum and magnificent scenes. As I am at a stage of basic learning I do need to be careful with my perspective so his works are really informative on this aspect. I do like that he depicts the objects in the strong atmosphere of his scenes.

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