Sketchbook of townscape drawings(Project townscapes)

I got my sketch for outdoor drawing at Zhongshan Square Dalian. My viewpoint /eye level is just above the ground. This is an area of finance and culture in the city. All the buildings around are of historic significance.

I use my A5 sketchbook to divide an area which size is 10*10cm. It’s facing to the north direction and light is coming from top left. It’s 14:00 ish in the day.

First sketch I used 3B to plot the traditional and urban Bank of China.


The second I used charcoal to plot the bright and dark areas of the two parts of group building.


After this plotting of the basic briefing. I used charcoal to draw a bigger sketch.


Until now I release this choice maybe not the best view I had in this exercise but I am still thinking this is a beautiful area and this is one seventh of Zhongshan square.

For the composition I made a big mistake in that the elements are too big and swollen out to the eyes. The front of the building( facade) which is the tradition part is not feeling 3D. I attempted to have the trees in layers but I only finished up with a single line in front of the building and in the bottom part of the building.

I have to leave this work here because I had to have an extension of my deadline for the assignment and I still have not finished so I am going hurry on for the rest.



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