Statues(Project townscapes)

There are some sports models in Xinghai Square Dalian. I like to practice a group of badminton players for this exercise. The moving figures are preparing me to getting to part 4.


Step 1 Use some horizontals and verticals to draft the skeleton of movement on A5 sketchbook.

Step 2 Plotting these three figures by conte stick on A3 sketchbook

Until now I am feeling my drawing knowledge is  far away to the target. So I decide to leave the detail( 3D, colours and material etc.) for this exercise just concentration on the movement of the figure and using lines.

The third/right figure I am confused of its movement I am looking forward to learn some more of Character motive force.

Another attempt of statue again of running figure.

I couldn’t get the first figure’s head in right pose, I think that its head should drop a little bit. I should draw every part of the figures with strong lines. So I am feeling the big challenge of part four already.



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