Research point-Fabric and form&Human with clothes

Now I am turning to a very big challenge of a learning section, part 4 which is the figure and the head.

To start off this part I am going to learn other artists’ works from fabric and form.

For me, I first know and learn to draw the lining cloth when I was young and started off learning geometric solid and still life sketching but I am never confident on that. I also tried on my sketchbook recently but I haven’t got one I am completely happy one with.

So for this research lesson, I seriously need to observe other artists’ work and improve my works.

Edgar Degas (1834-1917)


fig 1  Pinimgcom. 2017. Pinimgcom. [Online]. [23 June 2017]. Available from:

Leonardo da Vinci ( 1452–1519)

Draperies (Leonardo da Vinci).


Fig 2. Googlecouk. 2017. Googlecouk. [Online]. [23 June 2017]. Available from:

In-text citation: (Googlecouk, 2017)

Look at these traditional classical artists’ works. They are realist painters. The fabric is a pronounced sense of three-dimensionality and the effect is giving a  feeling of light and shade.

Then I searched some modern artist’s work and my eyes were focused on a clothing drawing.

Safet Zec (born 1943)

Image result for Safet Zec, Coats 2005-2006

Fig 3. Drape  Safet Zec, Coats 2005-2006. From website:

This image is a clear one for drawing students for observe the artist’s technique with line and tone also mark and making skills.

The other area of fabric drawing I am thinking would be the fashion designer. They could be expressive or abstract I never know if I will give a go for practice?