A longer study(Project Proportion)

Before I started off this exercise I emailed Joanne in course support about any suggestions for my part 4. She replied very quickly and I got some nice recourse from her. She mentioned two life drawing classes but unfortunately, it was the last lesson and I couldn’t make it then they are off for summer holiday until September. The other place I could not fit their lessons in around my work. One of the video lessons which is Tonal life drawing using charcoal by OCA tutor Jane Lazenby. It did inspire me for the figures’ drawing. Then I decided to follow this way to practice my exercise.

In the material, it suggests a seated position(I think it because an hour is too long for the model to stand) but I am going to use the resource of Croquis Cafe and just pause the video. I would like to lay the first stone of the figures’ drawing that is measuring the bodies’ length and width in the basic state. When they sat down in chairs, some parts of the bodies are distorted.

Using charcoal to draw straight away is dangerous and you have to be sophisticated and brave.

Winson&newton charcoal, Derwent charcoal pencils and putty rubber.

Frist step. Using a couple of newspaper(similar size of A3) to practice the proportion and her character.

In the first attempt, I even couldn’t get all the body in the frame. The second one her feet are too close the border of the bottom paper. The third one got right stance and proportion. Then I moved it alongside to a new A3 watercolour paper.

  • I admit I rushed the last bit of her feet.
  • Her right foot is not right pose(bend the right knee and place the front sole on the floor).
  • Her left elbow’s shadow need be refined.
  • The lines/curves should not be isolated they should blend into the tone.

Then another attempt I went to the social art class on 21st. Jul. I have drawn other clothes figure by an hour.

This one’s main problem I need shadow the darker area. The original hand is looking incorrect. Her calfs compare to her thighs are shorter but I have to leave it because I sprayed the hair spray for fixatives before I left that class.

Some experience of this exercise:

How well have you captured the characteristics of the pose?

I think I got their characteristics of the poses. The first nude model is hip bents forward. she is a slim and a beautiful shape. But she does not seem to be stable on her legs. The second one I did enjoy drawing her braid(I may shade the darker and darkest areas).

Does the body have sufficient weight and presence?

The nude one because it is not a stable pose so her right leg looks uncomfortable. So I need to pay much attention to balance next time. The second one looks like a normal figure.

Do the proportions look right? If not, how will you try to improve this?

The nude one her head is a little bit smaller than it should be. I will try to enlarge a bit in the further drawing. As I said the second one her calfs are shorter than they should be. But I did like the outcome of her face’s characters. I like the second attempt of her hand. For next drawing, it is very important to get the right proportions before getting details in.

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