Basic shapes(project from)

On 28th Jul, I went to the art class in the local parish council building. As I haven’t a stationary model  I just drew the people there who were doing their work. So I can’t complain if they are moving around.

Paper size: 26cm*37.2cm

I think I chose the wrong person who was far away from the window. So when I was drawing her legs/trousers it was very difficult to see the creases under the table which was the darkest area. Her head never keep the same pose so I have to draw most of it by memory.

After class, I found a seating model from Croquis Cafe. So I use this medium for my second attempt.



  • This model’s legs should be lifted up on the one side of the arm of the chair. I may overdraw them so it is too dark.
  • Her left thigh is not feeling 3D.
  • The creases of the fabric are not rendered like I wanted them to be.

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