Life drawing class in Broomhall centre, Sheffield

On 30th Jul, I finally got free time to join in a life drawing class in Broomhall centre, Sheffield.

Well, it’s the first time for me to join in this class. When it started I even didn’t notice it is 2 minutes for sketching that I maybe concentration for the model’s pose. So the first sketch I even didn’t start to draw her torso then only 5 lines of the axis has been drafted. After I must make up quite a lot of leeway to deal with the other 2 minutes. At last, I even didn’t turn the paper to next page just over draw on the top of another sketch. So I have my 5 pictures on two pieces papers.

Paper size: 26cm*37.2cm, conte sticks.

Five – 2 minutes sketches.


Two – 5 minutes sketches.


Three – 10 minutes sketches.

                             Two – 25 minutes + 2 minutes sketches. 12B pencil.


I enjoyed this life drawing class, even the first a couple of sketches with lots of mistakes on.  I am happy with the last 3 ones after I have had a little more practice.



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