Essential elements(Project form)

This time I am drawing a sequence of six different poses lasting ten minutes each. I used the Croquis Cafe’s media.

Fig - 1
Fig-1 – 5B pencil
Fig-2 – B and 5B pencils
Fig-3 – HB and 5B pencils
Fig-4 – B and 5B pencils
Fig-5 – Conte Stick
Fig-6 –  Contre stick

These six figures have the light hitting them from the right side. I think I got the three-dimensional form correct but the lighter halftone should be subdued. I paused the video in the process then I have got time to observe the figures. I tried to shade the dark areas but some bits are too dark. I think I am happy with most of the proportion but I used the time to draw the faces which are from one model but they look like the different persons.

I have tried to draw fig.1 and fig.2 with different shadows but I think the fig.2’s shadow looks better than fig.1. For the rest, I tried the way of broad sweeps of background. I think fig.2’s shadow is the best.

Fig.5 and fig.6, when I used the shadow because the conte sticks are used for rough drawing then for these two figures legs and around with rough lines which are messy the shapes.

Were you able to maintain a focus on proportion at the same time as creating a sense of weight and three-dimensional form?

Well, I sometimes like to take time draw on the face. At this stage, I should concentration on the proportion and gesture. For creating a sense of weight and 3D form, I think I still need to practice more and get my skill improve.

Which drawing gives the best sense of the pose and why?

Maybe fig.3 and fig.5 ‘s poses look better than the others. Fig.3 looks to have a sense of movement and the hands are helping the balance so this figure is a bit interesting. For fig.5 I think I have captured her character.

Was there any movement or gesture away from the model’s central axis? If so did you manage to identify this and put it into your drawing?

For fig.3 on the video, it is 15 seconds pose but I pause it in the middle. It is a movement pose and she was trying to keep in 15 seconds. I have done this gesture well but not really perfect. So more practice in the future will improve the gesture better.

On 4th. Aug, I went to the Parish Council then I got another clothed 4 sketches.

Fig-7 – Uni-ball eye pen
Fig-8 – Uni-ball eye pen

I have captured this man’s character.

Fig-9 – Uni-ball eye pen
Fig-10 – Uni-ball eye pen



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