Stance(project form)

For this exercise, I am concentrating on the figures’ balance, the center of gravity and the center of axis.

I did practice some stance poses in the last exercise but when I refer back to take a look at them I am worried about one of the figure will fall down.

So I need to very careful of the balance for the figures from now.


The last one looks a bit falling on it.

Then I also have done sketches a bit longer about 10 minutes.

The stomach looks not really natural.

I am back to 5 minutes drawing

The right arm’s shadow looks distorted.

At last, I tried using the way of negative space which I watched on video from the OCA tutor on Vimeo.

This is the worst one in this exercise because the two legs are not level in standing with this pose. I would look better if both feet were at the same level.

I am happy with the rest of the poses. After this exercise, I have learned the stance pose and that they are so important for the figures to let them look comfortable. I am sure they are a point of reference for elements of further work.

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