Life drawing class in Broomhall centre, Sheffield

On Aug. 27th, my lesson in Broomhall Centre, Sheffield.

Five – 2 minutes drawings


The second fig is really feeling an uncomfortable pose. The fourth fig, the two hands are crossing on the front tummy are not comfortable either.

Three – 5 minutes drawings

The last figure, the head is smaller than it should be. The torso is longer than it should be.

Two – 10 minutes drawings

The second fig by charcoal. On her shoulder, the lines go to the neck really need to be corrected.

One – 20 minutes drawing

The foot in the front can be drawn by a foreshortening effect. At the moment it is smaller than it should be. The two lines of scapulars are feeling afterthought.

One – 30 minutes drawing

Someone was moving around the space to get a better angle to draw this pose. I should do it as well but I keep this way to see what the problems from this angle I will get. My first problem was I wasn’t sure how long the torso should be and how long the legs are? I changed several times the length in the process. The left knee just has been hidden by a cushion which I couldn’t portray them both ( the knee and the cushion). The shoulder blade is not correct.

For the cushions which are supporting the model’s weight on them, I didn’t draw them well. They should look as though they have been squeezed under the torso.

I still couldn’t get a lesson with a tutor because I cannot fit it in around my work.

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