Three figure drawings(Project forms)

Using different tools, materials and supports, work on three positions of model:


Quick sketches on A4 paper by charcoal. This model I found from Croquis Cafe and I like her pose. For the 4 sketches, I didn’t show her body leaning back with her trunk.

Charcoal on A2 paper. Bear in my mind, I need to put attention on her shoulders and let them lie back.

For now, it is really a mistake with her hair style. Apart from this, I  feel this body is flat. How can I change it to shown more volume? This has been done a few days ago, I have spray it already. Now I am trying my best to correct it. But I am worried it will be very dirty and messy later.

The neck, hairline, hairstyle and the outlines are the big problems of this work.

I can’t leave it because it’s the serious problem that her head seems too small for her body.

What can I change?

I Brushed the face area with W&N white ink. Then I used black ink draw in the outline of the face. After I used yellow, red and blue oil pastels to cover the mistake which is between charcoal and ink. At last, I used yellow acrylic putting the top of the yellow oil pastel.

The head is much bigger now but it is bigger than it should be. I used the strong colours to catch my viewer’s eyes. However, the neck is not bending down. My problem was the first step and I should control all the parts. Also by drawing with charcoal, I need to be quick and accurate with the lines but I kept changing them a lot.

2. Standing

Follow up with the strong colours to attract the eye. Also, my original plan to use charcoal, oil pastel, and ink. I am going to use oil pastel for this practice.

Draft on the small sketchbook.

Bear in my mind, the body is constituted by volumes. Just make it swollen on A2 paper.

This is the first time I experiment with this style of drawing. There are many mistakes because I couldn’t control the lines in accurate ways. For overlapping colours it just makes it worse, the left hip shows a mistake. So this body is distorted and does not look natural.

For changing the left hip, I used the acrylic to cover the oil pastel.

Even though it has many mistakes I  am still excited by the depiction of some parts of the body. I like the right side hip, the left side of the head down to the neck. The hand on the top shoulder is better than the one on the wrist. The right leg is a little bit better than the left one. The left leg is not perfect. The right side shoulder down to the scapula is not correct. At the moment it looks like the upper arm beside it.

3. Lounging

Work on a small sketchbook.

For the draft, to improve it. I was thinking about two ways, one is using black ink for line drawing, the other to use charcoal and make the body shape have more volume.

Then I chose the second way which is using charcoal to create a 3D shape body on A2 white paper.

For charcoal drawing, I am happy with the most results but I want to push it to a special effect which is to match with the two I have already done. Also to practice my colour inks.

To block the outline out.

For my honest assessment, my skills for accurate and experiment mediums are not sophisticated. I need to more practice on figures.

I did think about when the model sitting or lounging that some bit of the skeleton are distorted or foreshortening. My problem is probably put more attention on the special effect after the first figure I drew the head is too small.

Well I need to draw some more figures for practice.



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