Facial features(Project The head)

These last 3 weeks I have concentrated on drawing one of the friends in Parish council. I did practice his character and others before. But for this exercise, I have collected last 3 pieces that I am happy with.

The first week, I got this one I have happy with it.

Charcoal on A3 paper

The second week, I got the one I liked.

Black ink on A3 paper
Charcoal on A3 paper

Then the third week, I have got this one.

Before this, there is an attempt but I didn’t like it just folded and put in the sketchbook.

Everyone in the class said it is him so I am happy with the outcome.

I think the second one it the best. The last one I lost control for drawing his mouth.

Well, these ones above have been taken home. I got the elements of his face before the whole features but I didn’t like it so didn’t bother to spray them to keep.

For the ear, if I can shade the top auricle and let it stand out of the head will be much better. For the mouth, the first and second attempts were more realistic than the third.

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