Your own head(Project The head)

Look at yourself in a mirror and quickly draw several five-minute studies of your head, neck, and shoulder.

Quickly draw several five-minute studies of your head.

I don’t know why this one somewhere just like one of my grandmas’ features. Then I am moving on to an A3 paper.

Charcoal on A3 paper


After a few minutes break when I finished this self-portrait with charcoal. I am happy with the result it is like me and what I am excepted. The proportions for my nose to give more of a 3D feeling. The mouth is not the perfect but it shows my character on it.

For the second self-portrait, I want to put emotion in my work. I am going to try collage with drawing.

First, I used scissors to cut my figure(photocopy) to several parts. Then put on the carpet to build up again. I was drawing a project(my personal work) before that was broken up but I didn’t get the effect that I want so I am going give it a go on this exercise.

I print it out as a tester, then draw tearing eyes on it.

At last, I stick these pieces on an A3 paper as I want them like glass shards. Then tear off the edges of the paper. 

My final piece

It is my first time done my self-portrait. I honestly to say I didn’t draw the last one in a subtle way. I only was taking the anxiety from my mind to scramble it, but it does show my situation.

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