Assignment 4 – Figure study using tone

I want to keep this attempt part of the same series as the last one. So before I started, I have made another A1 paper with a colourful collage but I didn’t use any receipts this time, instead of I got 3 pieces of newspaper.

I tried some quick sketches on my small sketchbook. My aim is to find out the gesture of the model.

I used HB pencil to draft the outline but the lines are not clear so then I  changed to 6B, then I was still not happy with the outline. At last, I used charcoal for the outlines drawing.

My original idea is to use blue ink, blue marker pen and blue bio. But this colourful collage paper is dark, the mark is not standing out. So, at last, I used charcoal to chase the outline. Then I am feeling the charcoal is more comfortable for me to finish it.

At this stage, the foot facing to me is the same size of the face. I need to change it to the correct perspective which is foreshortening.

Compare to the foot facing to me, the hand is a little bit bigger than it should be. Then I corrected it a bit.



It is a very rough drawing.

Then I got some questions for myself:

  1.  Is it finished?
  2.  Can I make it more subtle?
  3. Does the collage for the colourful paper work better than the white paper?
  4.  What else material should I can choose on this base of background?
  5. Does the collage look alright? Is it aesthetic feeling?
  6. Any more work for the shadows of background and sofa?

The answer that I will refer back after a few days to think about.

I used the whole afternoon and night to finish this work. I think I got enough time for the practice. It does look like a rough drawing but I can’t think of anywhere I can improve the detail on it. I think I got the right gesture for this model. The perspective looks correct.




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