Assignment 4 – A portrait combining line and tone

On Oct. 6th, I went to Parish Council to start off my portrait attempt.

A couple of quick sketches to warm up.

I have prepared a coloured A3 sketchbook. So I chose a blue paper with a charcoal pencil for today’s final work.

This is the work I have done in 1.5 hours before I left the class.

When I got home, I used another hour with black and white ink to create it more 3D feeling.


Before I left class, I showed her this drawing. She said she more prefer her smiley face. Well, this is her when she is concentrating on her artwork. I have drawn this face as very serious with staring eyes.


During the work, I did look at some artists’ works to inspire me.

Ilya Yefimovich Repin. At this stage for me, Repin is one of the most artists I am learning now. His works are realism and show the right perspective, proportion, and structure. Also, his works are illuminated and have subtle tone etc.

Adolph Menzel. Menzel left many drawing and sketching works. His figure’s sketching especially inspired me.


For the figure study by using line and tone. I didn’t use the time to think about the materials. I suddenly loved a couple of papers then put them together as background. But it seems I didn’t give myself a lot of opportunities to use different mediums to draw on them.

After the pictures I have made I can honestly say that I couldn’t make any subtle lines and tones on them. The things I can do are to make clear proportion, perspective and gesture. Also, I can let the figures appear to stand out from the flat paper.

For the portrait drawing, I used most of the pose that my model was looking down towards the ground. I need to use some more poses to help me improve my skills and make more attempts on portraits with models in different poses.


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