Self-assessment of assignment 1-4

Assignment 1

Refer back to my cabbage/vegetable still life.



Before I analyse the sphere of cabbage, I should really observe the tiles on the wall because it is confused visually. Then I did a very quick sketch to find out the right perspective.


The tiles haven’t perfect straight lines but they give the impression of being straight.  It is an easy way if I create a 3D background around the still life then it will be beneficial for the objects to stand out with their shapes into space. So why not do it?

The cabbage I have put more attention on the outlines’ chasing and texture then I missed controlling of the tones, so it doesn’t look like a sphere. After I shaded some dark areas and balanced the middle tones. Then took another photos.

It is a little bit better and stands out from the flat paper. My tutor suggests that I pay more attention to the tonal values. So I got the benefit from it now.

For the still life arrangement, I probably could get a better view of the positive and negative spaces. I could leave a gap between the plate and the pomelo then they won’t look so cluttered and heavy on the top of the microwave oven.

I was very pleased that I was very enthusiastic throughout the process of creating this still life and got much encouragement from my tutor. It is not a completely perfect drawing but some parts are liked by my tutor. Like the shadow of the cabbage. So going forward I am going to focus more on the tones than the form.

Assignment 2

This one I paid much attention to the mark making and the form. I am very pleased my tutor gave me lovely feedback. She said: “I like about it is the fact that it is not a standard view, it more exciting than that. You have developed some interesting mark making in order to explore the form. There is both exploration and energy in this work that is good to see.”

My tutor also gave me some suggestions that she wants to see in my work and I will be able to click in further to the image that it can really see the natural lines at work.

The background of this still life, I only gently used the straight line with an entire space not very strong light for the objects. So my tutor said:” you feel that there is certain heaviness to some the subjects, because you left the background sparse, it works fine.”

My tutor said the pineapple and the pumpkin look a bit flat. Then I took my work out then shade these two objects’ darker areas. But one of the mushroom looks a little square not rounded but I have to leave it alone.


My tutor liked my process of this group of still life and she said this shows good working methods. Then I know I need to develop in the future.

Assignment 3

This is a complicated work because it included many aspects.

Firstly the format is Chinese map format but the culture is western where it shows a view from Yorkshire Dales to Whitby via York. I got the affirmation from my tutor that she said it is a great choice. She also encourages me this is such a good insight and one that you can really work with now in the future with your landscape interests.

Then for every aspect throughout the process.

Using rice paper caused me real problems is the drawing process. I couldn’t stop after making a mistake after the erasing the rice paper was getting corrugated and was spreading out the ink and watercolour very fast. The main thing is the thin paper is getting thinner and broken with some holes.

For working through this work. Because there are at least three areas in this illustration. It also includes the connection of two areas. I used photographs when I was drawing this work. Well, my tutor said that the photograph doesn’t help us to understand perspective. That is very true. I was really struggling during depicting the buildings and hills and their contours. So my tutor suggested that I practice on the sketchbook by going somewhere and really scrutinizing the scene in front of me.

When I plan out the draft, I used charcoal to draw on the rice paper but I never think about to use charcoal to get the finished one. Then my tutor suggested me to try this way that she thinks it is will much more atmospheric and charcoal is the best medium so far to demonstrate this concept as a drawing.

The main problem in this work is the perspective of the buildings. Also, allow the buildings to be looser and less restrained. Get them right then I can look through space for a whole landscape.

For the detail of the subjects, I do need divisions between the light and dark areas so the buildings can look natural. I am not sophisticated in this drawing skill yet.

Assignment 4

For the figure and head, I think the best way to help is practice, practice and practice. I have done a lot of sketches but never enough.

Look back my 4 assignments I haven’t got my own style or I didn’t keep the same style that I am confident with it. Assignment 2 and assignment 3, I used subtle mark making, but I used rough stroke by charcoal for assignment 1 and assignment 4. At the moment, I haven’t got feedback from my tutor for the last assignment, so I can only do my self-assessment.

  • I am still quite new to the figure drawing, especially in the life-drawing class for the nude. I can’t draw the right gesture well in 5 minutes. It may be much stress to start with every work.
  • I plan if I can regularly go to the life drawing lesson in Broomhall Centre on Sunday if I am free.
  • I am thinking the proportion of my figure drawing and face.
  • I need to practice some more medium and material into my artwork.

I went to an art exhibition this morning (Oct. 22nd in High Green). There are a couple of art lessons with the tutorial over there. I am still trying to get in their groups.


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