The personal project

Select one of the previous four assignments as the starting point for your personal project.

The options are:

  • Line, space and form
  • Your immediate environment
  • Outdoors
  • The figure and face

In this part, I have the freedom to pursue some of the things that I am interested in.

I was confident doing my assignment 1, assignment 2 (but not perfect for some interior exercises) and assignment 3 (but a bit like “casting the net” throughout the exercises). For the assignment 4, it is a large aspect so it is never finished.

For outdoors, at this time of the year. I don’t think I will sketch out a lot but I never throw out my sketchbook so that I would like to take it and to draw when I get free time. Maybe from out of the hotel window and on some trips. The landscape is one of the aspects in my future drawing.

So for this assignment, because I am regularly attended the Parish Council art group that will give me some opportunities to get free models so “the figure and face” will be my preferred subject of this assignment.


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