Self-portrait – Part 1

For doing my self-portrait, I am going to make a couple of sketches to describe my thoughts about myself.

Through this brainstorming, I would like to use a word to describe my situation which is: unconfident. As part of this situation, I would have a little pessimism in mine mood. I always dream of running around anywhere, from the field, farm, lake and climbing the mountain then I am tired but I couldn’t stop. So I have drawn some figures in which what I like in the running.

So I put the two elements together. But it is a bit like an illustration effect.

Anyway, I give an attempt at my face drawing. This shows what I was like in the morning, the empty thoughts in my mind.

Conte stick on A3 white paper

Then I try to finish it with more colourful tone.


Conte stick on white A3 paper

Then I spray some white dry shampoo on the highlights side. As this is an attempt

As this is an attempt I am trying to draw that I am a woman waking up and there is no hope just with the empty thoughts. The head still reclines on the headboard. Some points I will need to improve my technical that:

  • Perspective, from this view, the jaw to the chin need to be bigger than the head will recline over to the back.
  • The side of the neck, submental triangle I need to make it cylinder effect and more persuasive in the shadow area under the chin and jaw.
  • It is not quite clear the folding on my top.
  • For the outcome, I am happy with the eyes’ feeling.



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