Energy(Project form)

On Aug. 13rd I went to a life drawing lesson in the Broomhall center, Sheffield.

It’s a male model for this Sunday. Before we started I saw he was preparing for the pose on lectern where I can see on my right that he was stretching his body. I actually thought he is doing yoga.

So for this exercise, I was excited to start with dynamic from this model.

One – 1-minute drawing

Fig.1 Conte stick

The right arm of the model is not bent down on the floor. It should support the body.

Five – 2-minutes drawing

Fig.2 Uni-ball eye pen
Fig.3 Uni-ball eye pen

The legs of the model are running out of the paper. Then the lines of the shapes are not depicted well.

Fig.4 Conte stick

The right forearm of the model is really needed to refine. At the moment it seems lots of bigger than it should be.

Fig.5 Conte stick

I think I did capture the character of the model who is slim but I need more improve the accuracy of the curves.

Fig.6  Conte stick

I think I got the dynamic but I need to refine the lines.

Two – 5 minutes drawing

Fig.7 Conte stick

The buttock of the model has been corrected several times so the overlapped lines make this area look messy also it is in the lighter half tone area.

Fig.8 Conte stick

Two – 10 minutes drawing

Fig.9 Conte stick

The center of gravity of the model needs to be refined. At the moment he is a little bit falling to the right.

Fig. 10
Fig.10 Conte stick

I drew him much fatter than he is.

One – 25 minutes drawing

Fig.11 Charcoal

The left-hand which is covering his right should, does it look bigger than I should be?

One – 30 minutes drawing

Fig.12 Charcoal

The underneath foot looks wrong I could draw it better. The top half of torso should be blended into the background.


This is a male model. Through the whole process, I was thinking his muscles are strong and 3D feeling. I probably used too many curves, I should try some linear next time for men.

The last stage, for experiment with creating abstract marks that depict movement.

Through the abstract drawing, I was thinking the genres of drawing and painting like Expressionism Fauvism or Cubism. It maybe Picasso’s brushwork is particularly inspired for me. So I used oil pastels for 5 minutes each piece then I got these works.

I don’t know what I have drawn and why I drew like this and with these colours.

Stance(project form)

For this exercise, I am concentrating on the figures’ balance, the center of gravity and the center of axis.

I did practice some stance poses in the last exercise but when I refer back to take a look at them I am worried about one of the figure will fall down.

So I need to very careful of the balance for the figures from now.


The last one looks a bit falling on it.

Then I also have done sketches a bit longer about 10 minutes.

The stomach looks not really natural.

I am back to 5 minutes drawing

The right arm’s shadow looks distorted.

At last, I tried using the way of negative space which I watched on video from the OCA tutor on Vimeo.

This is the worst one in this exercise because the two legs are not level in standing with this pose. I would look better if both feet were at the same level.

I am happy with the rest of the poses. After this exercise, I have learned the stance pose and that they are so important for the figures to let them look comfortable. I am sure they are a point of reference for elements of further work.

Essential elements(Project form)

This time I am drawing a sequence of six different poses lasting ten minutes each. I used the Croquis Cafe’s media.

Fig - 1
Fig-1 – 5B pencil
Fig-2 – B and 5B pencils
Fig-3 – HB and 5B pencils
Fig-4 – B and 5B pencils
Fig-5 – Conte Stick
Fig-6 –  Contre stick

These six figures have the light hitting them from the right side. I think I got the three-dimensional form correct but the lighter halftone should be subdued. I paused the video in the process then I have got time to observe the figures. I tried to shade the dark areas but some bits are too dark. I think I am happy with most of the proportion but I used the time to draw the faces which are from one model but they look like the different persons.

I have tried to draw fig.1 and fig.2 with different shadows but I think the fig.2’s shadow looks better than fig.1. For the rest, I tried the way of broad sweeps of background. I think fig.2’s shadow is the best.

Fig.5 and fig.6, when I used the shadow because the conte sticks are used for rough drawing then for these two figures legs and around with rough lines which are messy the shapes.

Were you able to maintain a focus on proportion at the same time as creating a sense of weight and three-dimensional form?

Well, I sometimes like to take time draw on the face. At this stage, I should concentration on the proportion and gesture. For creating a sense of weight and 3D form, I think I still need to practice more and get my skill improve.

Which drawing gives the best sense of the pose and why?

Maybe fig.3 and fig.5 ‘s poses look better than the others. Fig.3 looks to have a sense of movement and the hands are helping the balance so this figure is a bit interesting. For fig.5 I think I have captured her character.

Was there any movement or gesture away from the model’s central axis? If so did you manage to identify this and put it into your drawing?

For fig.3 on the video, it is 15 seconds pose but I pause it in the middle. It is a movement pose and she was trying to keep in 15 seconds. I have done this gesture well but not really perfect. So more practice in the future will improve the gesture better.

On 4th. Aug, I went to the Parish Council then I got another clothed 4 sketches.

Fig-7 – Uni-ball eye pen
Fig-8 – Uni-ball eye pen

I have captured this man’s character.

Fig-9 – Uni-ball eye pen
Fig-10 – Uni-ball eye pen



Life drawing class in Broomhall centre, Sheffield

On 30th Jul, I finally got free time to join in a life drawing class in Broomhall centre, Sheffield.

Well, it’s the first time for me to join in this class. When it started I even didn’t notice it is 2 minutes for sketching that I maybe concentration for the model’s pose. So the first sketch I even didn’t start to draw her torso then only 5 lines of the axis has been drafted. After I must make up quite a lot of leeway to deal with the other 2 minutes. At last, I even didn’t turn the paper to next page just over draw on the top of another sketch. So I have my 5 pictures on two pieces papers.

Paper size: 26cm*37.2cm, conte sticks.

Five – 2 minutes sketches.


Two – 5 minutes sketches.


Three – 10 minutes sketches.

                             Two – 25 minutes + 2 minutes sketches. 12B pencil.


I enjoyed this life drawing class, even the first a couple of sketches with lots of mistakes on.  I am happy with the last 3 ones after I have had a little more practice.



Basic shapes(project from)

On 28th Jul, I went to the art class in the local parish council building. As I haven’t a stationary model  I just drew the people there who were doing their work. So I can’t complain if they are moving around.

Paper size: 26cm*37.2cm

I think I chose the wrong person who was far away from the window. So when I was drawing her legs/trousers it was very difficult to see the creases under the table which was the darkest area. Her head never keep the same pose so I have to draw most of it by memory.

After class, I found a seating model from Croquis Cafe. So I use this medium for my second attempt.



  • This model’s legs should be lifted up on the one side of the arm of the chair. I may overdraw them so it is too dark.
  • Her left thigh is not feeling 3D.
  • The creases of the fabric are not rendered like I wanted them to be.