Sketchbook walk(Project2 Landscape)

For this exercise, I had a walk on Blackpool beach.

As this is a very lovely sunny day around 14:00 here. Clear sky with slight cloud. I can see far away to the piers and the scene around the beach.

First attempt I focus on one side of the pier. I can see the buildings on the bridge and some lamp posts. The tide is out and the sea is far away. Some people playing or walking dogs on the sands. Clear perspective of the stairs and wall on right hand side.

I used 6B pencil drew the basic outline then I got my set of watercolours but I didn’t bring my big brush then I used a piece of wet towel with water by my fingers to tint the colours on my basic outlines.

Well I done a mistake when I was drawing the people on the beach I didn’t realised I put their feet just on the edges of the puddle. The child may do this but the adults won’t stand in there.

Second attempt I used the coloured felt tip pens to practice the Blackpool tower and the buildings below. It is a sunny day and there is very clearly sky and not much cloud in the sky. Looking up the tower it is great and the perspective buildings around it.

For this image I am happy with the top of the tower. For the bottom of the tower which is behind the buildings and they are not clear(to draw some shadows?) but I leave the details and focus on the tower.

Third attempt  I have drawn the corner which is between the winter garden and the cafe hall.

The middle of the semicircle needs to improve its perspective and there is not strong light direction.

Fourth attempt This is Blackpool church.

The light is from the left top and it is in the afternoon but I didn’t shade any shadow for this group of buildings.

The middle of connection of the building is not right.

I still think there are a lot of details to add in but I will leave the unnecessary noise.

Sketchbook-Dec. 2016

Try to sketch every day even just a few seconds.

One day, I was tiding my drawing table and around this room. I noticed I have acquired so many sketching books.


4 books of A3: A couple of pages had been used(when I was doing Illustration course) and they were at the bottom of the drawer.

4 books of A4: A ring bound, a double clip folder and 2 of single clip folder.

1 book of 25.6cm*18.3cm recycle paper(再生紙): I bought it from Muji shop and I have finished another one (size:36.4cm*25.7cm). They are not regular size and same as thin kraft. I quite like this kind of paper and you can control your pressure on the biro and get special vivid outlines and effects. But I can’t put them in my handbag that is shame.

1 book of 19.5cm*13.7cm recycle paper(the first one in the picture above, from Muji): This one has smooth surface and 184 pages which I prepared for my handbag but unfortunately I  only put it in my bag about 2 days. Because it hasn’t  got  hard covers and should be used for a half year so I have to keep it neat in house for my off work day.

3 books of A5: A black hard cover with ring band, 160 gsm which is good for sketch by watercolour and dip pens etc. 2 single clip folder, one each in my two more usually using handbags. Then I divide A4 normal loose papers in 2 parts and clip them on my single clip folders and this is the best way and more useful for me.

Sometime I go to work by train and will be 15 minutes earlier so I use 10 minutes to do my sketch every time. But sometimes my time is taken by talking with colleague so I try to  recuperate when I get home. I did once done a little bit on the train but unfortunately then miss the station and lost much time for home.

Most time I just grab a biro even I put a small box of mini colourful fine line pens. So I am trying to get more medias for my sketching and try my best way and time.

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