Sketches for figures

Recently I did some sketches at the High Green art group.

A2 white cartridge paper with 4B and 6B pencil

The bottom of this lady’s nose has the wrong structure and I need to improve the middle tones.

A3 sketchbook with conte sticks

On the back of this lady’s figure, I didn’t draw it clearly from the hips to the legs.

A3 sketchbook with conte sticks

I do need to shade some dark areas.

A3 sketchbook with conte stick
A3 sketchbook with conte stick

I will do more of this kind of practice while a person sits in a chair with different gestures on top of the body. I am interested in this work.

A3 sketchbook with conte stick

I am not comfortable with the drawing of the hand and I need to improve the structure of the human body.

A3 sketchbook with conte stick

I drew his neck with an uncomfortable pose and with untidy hair. It is a cold day when I was doing this work but I drew his top which is looking too big with too many clothes.

A3 sketchbook with conte stick.

Sketchbook walk(Project2 Landscape)

For this exercise, I had a walk on Blackpool beach.

As this is a very lovely sunny day around 14:00 here. Clear sky with slight cloud. I can see far away to the piers and the scene around the beach.

First attempt I focus on one side of the pier. I can see the buildings on the bridge and some lamp posts. The tide is out and the sea is far away. Some people playing or walking dogs on the sands. Clear perspective of the stairs and wall on right hand side.

I used 6B pencil drew the basic outline then I got my set of watercolours but I didn’t bring my big brush then I used a piece of wet towel with water by my fingers to tint the colours on my basic outlines.

Well I done a mistake when I was drawing the people on the beach I didn’t realised I put their feet just on the edges of the puddle. The child may do this but the adults won’t stand in there.

Second attempt I used the coloured felt tip pens to practice the Blackpool tower and the buildings below. It is a sunny day and there is very clearly sky and not much cloud in the sky. Looking up the tower it is great and the perspective buildings around it.

For this image I am happy with the top of the tower. For the bottom of the tower which is behind the buildings and they are not clear(to draw some shadows?) but I leave the details and focus on the tower.

Third attempt  I have drawn the corner which is between the winter garden and the cafe hall.

The middle of the semicircle needs to improve its perspective and there is not strong light direction.

Fourth attempt This is Blackpool church.

The light is from the left top and it is in the afternoon but I didn’t shade any shadow for this group of buildings.

The middle of connection of the building is not right.

I still think there are a lot of details to add in but I will leave the unnecessary noise.