Research point-Fabric and form&Human with clothes

Now I am turning to a very big challenge of a learning section, part 4 which is the figure and the head.

To start off this part I am going to learn other artists’ works from fabric and form.

For me, I first know and learn to draw the lining cloth when I was young and started off learning geometric solid and still life sketching but I am never confident on that. I also tried on my sketchbook recently but I haven’t got one I am completely happy one with.

So for this research lesson, I seriously need to observe other artists’ work and improve my works.

Edgar Degas (1834-1917)


fig 1  Pinimgcom. 2017. Pinimgcom. [Online]. [23 June 2017]. Available from:

Leonardo da Vinci ( 1452–1519)

Draperies (Leonardo da Vinci).


Fig 2. Googlecouk. 2017. Googlecouk. [Online]. [23 June 2017]. Available from:

In-text citation: (Googlecouk, 2017)

Look at these traditional classical artists’ works. They are realist painters. The fabric is a pronounced sense of three-dimensionality and the effect is giving a  feeling of light and shade.

Then I searched some modern artist’s work and my eyes were focused on a clothing drawing.

Safet Zec (born 1943)

Image result for Safet Zec, Coats 2005-2006

Fig 3. Drape  Safet Zec, Coats 2005-2006. From website:

This image is a clear one for drawing students for observe the artist’s technique with line and tone also mark and making skills.

The other area of fabric drawing I am thinking would be the fashion designer. They could be expressive or abstract I never know if I will give a go for practice?

Statues(Project townscapes)

There are some sports models in Xinghai Square Dalian. I like to practice a group of badminton players for this exercise. The moving figures are preparing me to getting to part 4.


Step 1 Use some horizontals and verticals to draft the skeleton of movement on A5 sketchbook.

Step 2 Plotting these three figures by conte stick on A3 sketchbook

Until now I am feeling my drawing knowledge is  far away to the target. So I decide to leave the detail( 3D, colours and material etc.) for this exercise just concentration on the movement of the figure and using lines.

The third/right figure I am confused of its movement I am looking forward to learn some more of Character motive force.

Another attempt of statue again of running figure.

I couldn’t get the first figure’s head in right pose, I think that its head should drop a little bit. I should draw every part of the figures with strong lines. So I am feeling the big challenge of part four already.



A limited palette study(Project townscapes)

I am going to use my aerial perspective exercise to practice this exercise for developing colour.

WeChat Image_20170522104147

I used three colours of conte sticks which are black, brown and sanguine.



WeChat Image_20170522113819

Overall i am quite pleased with the result as the dark colour gives me the outlines of the buildings while the light colours give the shading of the interiors. My only issues is as before that I did not get the perspective correct on some parts of the building.

Study of a townscape using line(Project townscapes)

Use two sketchbook pages I am going to use two horizontal papers so I can have a Panorama. This is on my hard bigger sketchbook.

WeChat Image_20170520050105

For preliminary drawing I am going to use conte stick to draw this scene from the sunny afternoon.

WeChat Image_20170520083333

Then I use black fine line pen to improve it.

WeChat Image_20170520172247

The preliminary sketch did help me for plotting all the elements and where they should be, also what they look like.

This time I used a little bit of curved lines as I just wanted the elements  to be more vivid but I just need to improve my drawing, perspective and proportion skill.


Sketchbook of townscape drawings(Project townscapes)

I got my sketch for outdoor drawing at Zhongshan Square Dalian. My viewpoint /eye level is just above the ground. This is an area of finance and culture in the city. All the buildings around are of historic significance.

I use my A5 sketchbook to divide an area which size is 10*10cm. It’s facing to the north direction and light is coming from top left. It’s 14:00 ish in the day.

First sketch I used 3B to plot the traditional and urban Bank of China.


The second I used charcoal to plot the bright and dark areas of the two parts of group building.


After this plotting of the basic briefing. I used charcoal to draw a bigger sketch.


Until now I release this choice maybe not the best view I had in this exercise but I am still thinking this is a beautiful area and this is one seventh of Zhongshan square.

For the composition I made a big mistake in that the elements are too big and swollen out to the eyes. The front of the building( facade) which is the tradition part is not feeling 3D. I attempted to have the trees in layers but I only finished up with a single line in front of the building and in the bottom part of the building.

I have to leave this work here because I had to have an extension of my deadline for the assignment and I still have not finished so I am going hurry on for the rest.