Self-portrait-Part 2

For my second attempt, I used a line drawing with an abstract feeling which is from my dreams.



Another attempt I have chosen a blue background A3 paper.

First, I have done my outline drawing with B6 pencil.


Then I decided to use charcoal and white conte stick to finish the other bits.


The outcome does show what I wanted with the expression. More reflection on it:

  1. The right side of the shoulder is smaller than it should be.
  2. I need to be more careful of the mid-tone.
  3. This pose is reclining to the right side that I need to improve the effectiveness of it.

For my last attempt, I have drawn the outline as the first step as well.

I have used pencil B6 to get the outline of my face shape.

Then I used the colours from a fibre tip pen set to put down the area of the face. At last, I shaded the shadows behind the sofa cushion, let it feeling dark and especially effective.


This is what I am feeling in the life and I did convey the expression from this self-portrait.


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