Assignment 5 Seven days-Part 4

Now I am going to improve on my ideas.

I did more research about the illustrator John Holcroft. His style gave me lots of ideas.

Before I produce the seven images I need to decide the seven backgrounds which will emphasise the emotions of the 7 stages which are changing from curious to stress to nervous  to changes to confusion then pleasure.

The colours need to show nervous, busy, dangerous, changing from a peak to a flat surface to convey the emotions. The colours’ palette: A grid 7×4 to show the different colours.


1. Starting A New Job. I have done another thumbnail to show the ideas I wish to convey.

Joing in a new job-8

I have enlarged the lady’s head so that the words can be easily read on the cross-section of the brain.  I was thinking about how to show these thoughtful elements which is better the  figures or words? Then I have chosen the words.

Join in a new job-9   Join in a new job-9-1

Then I changed the background to decide which would be the best for this image.

Join in a new job-10-1 Join in a new job-10-2 Join in a new job-10-3 Join in a new job-10-4

I am afraid the main problem is that the green words are not clear to read as I intended them to be. Also I could convey the face better but I lost sight of the elements with a simple face to draw attention to the words at the top.

Another try with a different background

Join in a new job-10-5


With this I feel the words are a little bit better to read clearly.

2. Learning The Ropes.

I have done some more thumbnails again to help to find best idea.

Join in a new job-11

Then I have drawn a labyrinth to show when you start a new job and the big lady boss who may be smiling  but still give the new employee lots of stress to start.

Join in a new job-12

Then I added four colours to the background.

Joing in a new job-13-1 Joing in a new job-13-2 Joing in a new job-13-3 Joing in a new job-13-4

I chose the second one and changed it a little bit to match the last one and show more stress on the picture with the amber colour.

Joing in a new job-13-5

3. Getting To Know.

Some more thumbnails

Join in new job-14

I have drawn a character’s face who watch, think then react to do the job.

Joing in a new job-13-7

Then I added the background on it.

Joing in a new job-14 (3) Joing in a new job-14 (4) Joing in a new job-14 (5) Joing in a new job-14 (6)

I like the second background colour which has a colour makes the foreground clearer.

Joing in a new job-14 (7)

4. Work Harder And Smarter.

I think I have drawn a sketch before which showed a nice idea for the image of work harder and smarter.

Join in a new job-3

Then I have improved it to use my stage 4. In the first picture I thought to use a simple face which only has a nose on for the character but then I added eyes and a mouth because it is better to match with first stage.

Joing in a new job-15 (1) Joing in a new job-15 (2)

I am going to try 4 colours for the background

Join in a new job-16-1 Join in a new job-16-2 Join in a new job-16-3 Join in a new job-16-4

I am going to use the light red one

Joing in a new job-16 (5)



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