Drawing fabric using line and tone(Project fabric and form)

I hung a white shirt on one side of a black leather chair. Then the light comes from right side.

Step 1. Make two 15-minute sketches.

Attempt 1. Charcoal on A3 white paper using tone.

I decided to draw the shirt using tone before using lines that let me more clearly understand there are three areas of the creases and the lighter halftones.

Attempt 2. Black ink on A3 white paper using lines.

15 minutes sketches are really tight for accurate fine lines (also tight for contrast the light and dark tones)  so no chance of examining all the details. It did help me to contrast these 3 areas: The left side of the front shirt, the left sleeve, and the left side of the back shirt.

Step 2. Draw serval 5-minute sketches on 8-12 cm squares papers.

Attempt 1. The collar and the shoulder.

Attempt 2. The bottom of the back shirt.

Attempt 3. The cuff of the shirt.

Attempt 4. The middle border between the sleeve and the back shirt.

Step 3. Practice the final large scale on A3 white paper.

I have used charcoal, a 12B pencil and a putty eraser and that I think they are soft and easy to get the textile effect. Through the whole process, I am thinking just make the 3D volume folds. So most bits worked out but some still a little bit flat and dirty.

As this image nearly done but I need to tidy up. It is a pure white shirt I need let it bright enough.

After a few area brighter and darker the folds’ I decide to leave it because I spent the whole weekend drawing the same shirt and I am feeling bored. This is NOT my last drawing with fabric so I will carry on and do more practice later.

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