The history of Illustration (exercise)

I have read the list of artists and found out some of contemporary illustrators’ work. I like E.H. Shephard and Emily Gravett. They all draw the work with anthropomorphism and it seems fascinating. Winnie the Pooh, all these books were illustrated in a beautiful way by E.H. Shephard which made the books even more magical. E.H. Shepard used pencil or pen and ink to create simple lines then put colour on.  After Winnie the  Pooh was bought by Disney they produced more colourful and complicated pictures.

When we moved into this house some children’s pictures were stuck on the wardrobe which were from ex-owners’ children. I never thought to get rid of them cos they are old but still are adorable. I have been wondering how can these illustration stay popular for such a long time nearly 100 years especially for children? And it is here to stay? ( will in remain fashionable?)



Winnie the Pooh -1

Mrs. Panda's profile

I have drawn my panda in profile the same as the on of Pooh drawn by E. H. Shephard.  Now I am focusing on this picture and my work is 2 pandas are going to football match.

Pandas are going to football match

For a contemporary illustrator, I like Emily Gravett who is an author/illustrator of exceptional talent. Twice winner of the Kate Greenaway medal. I do like her sharp wit to draw these anthropomorphic characters in excellent illustrations for children’s books like Wolves, Little Mouse’s big book of Fears, Monkey and Me and The Odd Egg. She draws by pen and water colour then used modern media like photoshop to arrange her illustrations. I am looking forward to seeing more of her work in the future.

I am focusing on this popular illustrated book picture and my work is a relax panda.

A relax panda-1 A relax panda-2

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