Getting the gist (Exercise)

2014 is nearly gone but I have felt lots of things have happened to make this year extremely troubled. The 70th anniversaries of D-day, Gaza conflict, Ukraine crisis, Pakistan Taliban gunmen massacred scores of children and Ebola. Ebola is nearly taking place the whole year which is a terrible infection. I really wish everything will be gone when 2015 arrives.

Life is a precious thing, death is the greatest evil.

Respect for life, respect life.

Understand the life and love of life.

Respect for life, respect for others and respect their lives.

The Guardian-Ebola-log

Practiced Ebola (2)

Practiced Ebola -1

Practiced Ebola

Dday Gaza Taliban Ebola

One thought on “Getting the gist (Exercise)

  1. When I was drawing the Ebola image I was focusing on the 2 eyes of the people’s facial feature but I made the size too large and did not leave space for the bridge of the nose. I was thinking what colour of the eyes would match with the strong yellow suit and blue gloves? How can I draw the eyes to demonstrate this people ideological work? Is he or (she) quiet then he or (she) dressing in the suit then going to work? No! Who will know what will happen today? Tomorrow? What will happen to me? Death?
    When I knew the Scottish nurse, Pauline Cafferkey came back from Sierra Leone then battle with the Ebola virus for more than 3 weeks in hospital in London. I can imagine when she was dressing this kind of suit that she would be thinking this way! So god bless her and she is free from Ebola now.


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