Assignment 4 Magazine illustration-Part 3

I started thinking about adding a background to the picture like a window. Outside the window is the landscape of Paris where you can see there are normal houses and the Eiffel Tower in the far end the view.


Apart from the Eiffel Towel being too big for this picture and that I need to emphasize the main narratives which are the telephone and mobile etc. on the table.

Another attempt that put the table as the main viewpoint, then moved the frame on to the wall now because I felt that it looked empty.


At this stage I’d like to introduce a character who is waiting for phone call from her husband.


I have practiced some expressions for this woman. The beautiful face has gone but the anxiety face is coming.


Create a line visual of my illustration.


I was thinking about if I should put her handbag in this picture or not? So I decided to put in.


She is sitting in the chair with her body facing the window but her face is turned around bit right as if she’s afraid to look outside because of the attacks.

As the brief says I could choose to totally eliminate the line from the drawing or to build tone around it. I am in a  bit of a rush for this assignment as my deadline is passed already so I am ignored doing the practice where I should done some sketches with scans and photocopys.


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