For this exercise I will work towards creating an image in a single colour, combining natural and man-made objects and contrasting materials.

I have chosen a pair of jeans for my subject. My aim is going to be build up a three dimensional shape of the object and the fabric’s texture.

I  start by taking some photos because I hung the pair of trousers up in the kitchen to allow me a good angle to take pictures.

img_5562 img_5563 img_5592 img_5564

I decided to use the whole trousers’ image to practice for this exercise.  First I was thinking about drawing the top bit of trousers but when I got the idea of tie a knot for the two trouser legs I just want to draw this item.

First I grab my sketchbook to do a rough drawing.


This drawing just let myself to sketch the obvious details on these trousers then think about the next step which I am going to practice on a A3 170gsm white paper.

First at all I used a pencil to draw a basic line and simple shadows.


Then I use watercolour to follow the light direction to fill the colour of this pair of trousers.


At the moment, I can see the relation of the fabric and the overlap of the drapes. But some questions I need to tide up:

  1. The left pocket and around it.
  2. Below the hang up of the belt loop is not correct area.
  3. Shape of the shadow as it never dissociative when the light exist.
  4. A lot of details to improve this object.

Also some technique of watercolour painting and drawing:

  1. Does the watercolour need to be complete in one go?  So there is coherence in thought and unity in style. Will it upset the result if I leave for a night then carry on in the next morning?
  2. I have drawn the fabric texture by watercolour. I will use an uni-ball eye pen to tide up the detail, what will be happen? The fabric is going to strong or more like man-made?

Another pause and stand back to watch it.


It still need more work especially right side shadow. Then I used colourful pencils.

At last I have to rush to finish as below. As the trouser leg is thinner than the one overlap it because it has a bit of a fold behind it. I think I should change it when I was doing its position.


I am happy with the outcome even the right top below the belt loop(the darkest area in this drawing) is still not perfect. As the for the watercolour technique I need more knowledge and practice to gain experience.

Overall I was happy with the process for this picture.



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