Quick studies(Project proportion)

The tasks of this exercise:

  • Proportion
  • Shadows in the background so that they don’t appear to be floating in space.

On Fri. 14th Jul. I went to the local art classes but unfortunately, they don’t do nude classes. Then I have done my first couples of clothing figures’ attempts there.

Attempt 1: Two-minute sketches by black conte stick.

After the two-minute body drawing, I quite like the creases of her clothing on her left arm. Then another two-minute drawing for fabric but the 3 creases on the top border look afterthought. Also, her head is wider than it should be.

The background has been added but it is a mistake as it just seems to look strange.
The people around said they can actually know who I was drawing so I did catch the character but her hand is smaller than it should be.

For my nude drawing exercise, I have to use the Youtube one which the course mate put on the forum.

Attempt 2: Five two-minute sketches on A5 papaers.


The two-minute sketches did stress me out to think how can I finish a figure with right proportion. Then after these five quick sketches, I think that they have the different parts disjointed.

Attempt 3: Two 10-minutes sketches on A3 white papers by charcoal and 8B pencil.

Attempt 4: Another 10-minute sketch on A3 white paper by black ink and brush.

Then I used 10 seconds to shadow the background.

Through the process of drawing the nude figure, I just feel the shape and lines of the border are so beautiful. Well without an eraser and with the ink and brush ways did pressure me to produce accurate lines. The last one with shadow on the background is really pushing the space in 3D but the shadows under the elbow are not correct but I leave it as it is and I only practice the effect of the shadows.


2 thoughts on “Quick studies(Project proportion)

  1. Ian516798 says:

    Some really good sketches here – I always remember when I was at college, the stress of two minute poses – it takes a lot of practice to just go with it and find the flow and just the right amount of detail!

    Liked by 1 person

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