The structure of the human body(Project Structure)

on Aug. 18th, I went to the Parish Council to meet up with the other people and work with them. I have worked with some figures but I think I struggled in the last 3 weeks. I couldn’t focus on and couldn’t capture their characters. I am anxious and feeling that things are hopeless.

Then I decided to leave this weekend away then only do my own life drawing.


6 thoughts on “The structure of the human body(Project Structure)

  1. Dear Aileen. Please don’t be hopeless! No-one could be more of a beginner at drawing than me when I started but now I don’t feel quite such a beginner. See yourself as a learner – every time you put a mark on a piece of paper is an opportunity to learn. The fact that we all have a lot to learn is great! This degree is not to prove how brilliant you are, but to become brilliant through long perseverance and practice. Some people find it easier than others but that is purely because they talk to themselves about it differently and have had more experience. Just keep going, don’t judge yourself, pick up a pen/pencil/chalk/ink and make a mark. Play and have fun. Most importantly, never give up. Sue

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    1. I cannot thank you enough for helping me, Sue. I was really upset in the last 3 weeks that I didn’t post any work from Friday which is the one before this.I regularly go to the event which is for meeting up with people(artists) then I can have models and we are encouraging each other in that team.


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