Research point-Foreshortening

Drawing a picture through a mirror of myself lounging on the couch.

It is hard to try to keep the pose and to draw it. I took a photo and used that to draw a  quick picture of myself in the mirror. It is not my most refined picture.

I have watched some videos on youtube which are how to draw the figure in perspective – foreshortening. I really appreciate the way they show the moving shapes and cyclic rings they help me to think about the 3D arms and legs.

Using foreshortening can get an angle for photography, drawing or painting that can achieve special effects. The artist can use this to emphasize parts of the picture.

Andrea Mantegna (1431 – September 13, 1506)

This traditional work used the perspective of the body of Christ. At this angle, the body has been receded through into space. It is an interesting point of view how the body is viewed from the feet. It showed how it is foreshortened.

Duarte Vitoria

Duarte Vitoria. Foreshortening 26/7/2017

In this image, we can only see half of the man’s face. His hands have been extremely enlarged. This man’s hands have been foreshortened to give an effect so it seems he has lots of power and confidence




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